Day 1 UTMB 2016

It’s a day to contemplate- the first event the PTL, is underway but with a 151 hour cut off, Yup that is right 151 hours cut off!  it’s not even close to being finished.

I hope to catch up with the race In the next day or so.

But today was a day to settle into the press room and get an overview of the location that this selection of races is set in.

Where’s the view? 

Now that’s easier said than done as many of these events cross not only mountains but countries too.

The UTMB  itself goes through France, Italy and Switzerland as its traverses Mont Blanc

Lucky Chamonix have kindly thought about my issue and created a cable car system

that takes you from terra firma (a’la Chamonix) to the lofty height of 3843m to

The Aiguille du Midi mountain in the Mont Blanc massif where you can overlook not only the peak of Mont Blanc at 4816m but Also you can peak into Switzerland and Italy while you are at it.

So off I went on a blue sky day into the heavens to get an overview of this dramatic landscape.

Some 20 mins later and some 3800M higher ( I really should have started my strava)

We reach the top and pop out with the, I won’t lie to you quite a few other people.

It is peak season over here plus the onslaught of thousands of UTMB trail runners, crew and well-wishers!

So yup it’s not a sleepy little town, even at the top of the mountains!

A picture is worth a …

What can I say that cannot be better described in a picture of two.

See below for a peak into the expanse that is the alps.

Perspective is a wonderful thing 

With the world spinning around so quickly these days there is something to be said about just taking a moment to stop ..

And just  look at the absolute beauty of the world ..

A penny for your ..

If I have learnt anything today it’s humans are capable of taking on incredible challenges …

Be it running 290 km across 3 countries and over 26.000m of climbing

or building a chair lift and huge structures to near 4000m..

The man hours alone to build the cable car system, structures and buildings that support it is staggering.

Pushing past the expectations 

But yet we continue to push the boundaries to what society and ourselves believe is possible

and for me this shows the true power of teamwork, dedication and a willingness to continue on

Step by step, Metre by metre to reach our goal.

That’s inspiring and that’s only day 1 of the UTMB!

Feel free to share these thoughts to anyone you feel will benefit from it and thanks for your support on the FCT journey it’s much appreciated!

Until next time …

Happy running !

Douglas – (overlooking Mont Blanc) ?