Stop Blisters and Chafing while Running -The BodyGlide ReviewStop Blisters and Chafing while Running –The BodyGlide Review

With so many people suffering from blisters and chafing while running I searched the globe for something that would prevent these issues.

Prevention is the best cure after all.

During activities, even the smallest amount of friction can cause a lasting issue and in extreme cases can be the reason to pull out of an event.

With so many different types of running gear on the market the ability to minimise friction between your skin and whatever you choose to wear is imperative.

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So here it is :

Body Glide comes in an easy to use plastic stick.

It is very much designed like your traditional deodorant stick and with this, it allows the same application.

There is a turn wheel at the bottom that allows you to push up and down the balm when needed.

It has a top to keep it nice and clean when not in use and that is about it.

It is a simple product for a serious issue.

Let’s have a closer look

Stop Blisters and Chafing while Running -The BodyGlide Review

The Balm itself

This is the clever bit.

The balm is non-greasy, sweat and water resistant and can last all day.

It differs from a lot of its competitors due to the fact that it is not a wet solution.

Most other creams and gels are.

So it allows your skin to breathe while protecting you from blisters and chafing.

It is made with allergen free, plant-derived ingredients.

Vegan approved, never tested on animals and is child safe.


Stop Blisters and Chafing while Running -The BodyGlide Review

It is recommended to apply the Body Glide before any activity.

All you need to do is Remove the Top, a couple of turns on the wheel and then apply the balm on the areas that you usually find hotspots appearing.

For my feet, I apply this all the way around my foot, over, under and in between the toes and make sure to cover basically high enough to cover my socks and shoes.

If I tape my feet for a race I wait until the tape is on and then I apply the Body Glide over the tape and feet.

I also apply it to the inner thighs and around the waistline.

If I am wearing a pack or hydration vest I apply the body glide on the areas the vest touches such as around the neck and shoulders.

No matter where you place it on your body it creates a thin, dry and invisible but durable layer of control that minimises the creation of those hot spots.

So it sounds super simple to apply and great in principle but does it really work?


I personally chose BodyGlide because it works, simple as that.

I have been using Body Glide since 2014 on all my runs from The North Face 100 to the Surf Coast Century.

From 10km to 100km the result have been the same.

Not one blister.

It is also great for stopping chafing from clothes and equipment and is easy to apply to any part of the body.


Now if you managed to get stones, sand or some foreign debris in your shoe then the Body glide is not going to stop this severe attack.

My rule is, if something is not right in your shoe, stop right away and sort it out before it stops you!

unless you are just about to finish, then suck it up =:0) 

It is amazing how 1 minute of foot care in a race can alleviate for hours worth of pain if you just let it niggle.

Also if you change your socks at any time in a race, I would recommend reapplying the body glide.


As you can tell I am a big fan of Body Glide, it has served me well and I trust it.

Like anything, you need to try the products and see if they work for you.

There is no 100% guaranteed product out there that will say

“ You will never get a Blisters again”

But Body Glide comes pretty close.

It is my go-to Protective skin care every day and I cannot recommend it more highly.


Currently 1 x 42g Body Glide  (Typically last 2-3 months)  retailing in Australia for $24

Available internationally for

Body Glide











  • Easy to Apply
  • Long Lasting
  • Sweat & Water Resistant
  • Non Greasy


  • You might not like blue
  • You tell me, I love it!