Scottish Geology Trust Crowd Funding Video | FCT.

I was commissioned to create a selection of videos to raise funds to support the great work the Scottish Geology Trust has been doing.

This is the main video used in their successful campaign.

We also created three social media 30 secs videos to support the main video.

I enrolled the talents of Dr Viv Cumming to assist with script writing and Interviews as well as travelling to the beautiful location of Assynth to capture the majority of the footage required.

A Full Course Trails Production:

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Thanks Douglas : FCT

From the moment we started the conversation about Douglas getting involved with the project, we knew he would bring something special to the table.

He was able to guide us through his understanding of our project and what he could produce to help us achieve our goals on budget. He also got an expert involved who in turn really helped us seal the deal in terms of nailing the video’s message and tone.

The entire Board of Trustees was delighted with the end result as were all involved in the project. Douglas really delivered a powerful, meaningful and incredible video for our campaign!

From start to finish, his input and expertise helped us create something truly special which compelled people from across the world to give to our campaign.

I would certainly recommend Douglas and FCT for future projects and hope to work more with him in the future.

Caroline Gould

Project Manager, Scottish Geology Trust