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The Review 

An important part of any runners kit is the lightweight running jacket.

I love running in the rain. If you haven’t tried it before then I highly recommend to get a jacket and get yourself out there, it is amazing!


So here it is :

 t is a super lightweight jacket

Key Features

– Made from 100% Nylon (except the trim)
– Weighing at a 102grams
– Self packable (It packs into it own front pocket)
– Water Resistant
– Streamlined fit


Let’s have a closer look


Running jacket - The Houdini




It comes with a hood, which you can cinch at the back to allow for a tight fit.

 This is important as usually where there is rain, there is wind!

 And having an open hood is like having a parachute attached to your head!

 So the Houdini’s ability to tighten the hood is very beneficial and easy to operate. 

With a simple pull of the bungee and toggle, it is tight against the head, ears and neck. 

You use a similar system to tighten the waist, which is a one-handed operation.


Running jacket - The Houdini





The jacket itself is tight fitting and so even without cinching the waist, it provides a nice close fit.


Running jacket - The Houdini



Single Front Pocket


The jacket come with a single pocket, on the left chest.


Running jacket - The Houdini


It is big enough to fit an iPhone 6 ( not plus) or similar size item.


The main zip and zip pocket are both untapered, so they are not 100% waterproof.


The Cuffs are elastic on the inside only.


This allows for a close fit while still accommodating some movement.


Houdini both cuffs









Running jacket - The Houdini


Well, this test has been a bit harder than usual!


It hasn’t rained here for quite some time (yes I know it’s a hard life)


So testing the Houdini jacket has been a challenge.


I may be the only person in Melbourne that shouts Yes when it rains and quickly grabs the jacket and runs out the door!


But I did!





The first thing I noticed was it felt exceptionally light.


You hardly felt it on and due to the cut of the jacket it really follows the contours of the body well and gives you a close but comfortable feel.


The zips are easy to use and the cuffs allow you to pull them up the forearm as well as comfortably secure around the wrists.


The hood works well and when fully cinched allows for little air to be taken in and heat out.


Running jacket - The Houdini


(Of course, this depends on the extremes you are in)


Also, I found due to my high sweet rate that the tighter the jacket is the more condensation you are going to get inside the jacket.


So there certainly is a balance between tightness and freshness.





Running Jacket – The Houdini from Patagonia


With the Houdini Jacket being able to be stored in its own front pocket, it allows for a quick and efficient packing option.


So much so that while on the test runs I was storing it in the side pocket of my trial running shorts.

Running jacket - The Houdini

Don’t worry, I pushed it right in the pocket before running off

And I was able to open it and put it on while still running along.


This is perfect for race conditions as well as for the runner that loves to keep moving.


Of course with any type of action, while running, it does take a bit of practice.


We have all tried to drink water from a cup while running or eating while on the go.


But like anything it only takes a few times and the right technique to work it out.


Efficiency is the key and the Houdini is certainly efficient in its weight, size and function.


It can easily be stored in your backpack, in the hand or if you have a pocket that can fit a phone it can fit this jacket.





On testing the Houdini jacket I have found it to be well made with a great attention to detail, as you would expect from Patagonia.


All elements from the zip to the drawcords function well and the material used allows for good protection from rain and wind.


Due to this jacket not being 100% waterproof you would not be able to be used as mandatory gear for some races that require tapered seams.


However, for an everyday lightweight and small form factor, the Houdini Jacket from Patagonia is an excellent choice for anyone looking for that packable minimalistic windproof outer layer.


Great in the high mountains as a wind resistant layer or for light drizzle but not something I would use if it was torrential rain.


As stated before this jacket is great for trail running but is easily at home with many other outdoor activities.





Currently retailing in Australia for both the mens and women range at $129.95  available from Trail Running

For overseas orders check out Patagonia’s International Site 


Houdini® Jacket




Build quality







  • Lightweight
  • Packable
  • Streamlined fit
  • Excellent build quality


  • Not 100% waterproof
  • Only 1 pocket