This week I am looking at the new QuadLock iPhone 6 Run Kit from Annex Products – I have been using this armband for several months now and thought enough time had passed to give a thorough review. For those of you who do not know the boys at Annex Products are best known for their Quad Lock Ride Kit.

This is a great piece of kit that can be used to mount your smartphone securely on your bike. Its super secure, allows you to use your favourite fitness apps but also allows you to remove your phone easily.

So they have branched out into the running market and looking to pass on the security and flexibility as well as a great slimline design to the running market.

Currently, they have cases for the iPhone 5/s, iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and their universal option for all devices with a flat hard surface.

Update: All new versions of iPhone and Samsung models are now available with this system 

I will be reviewing the iPhone 6 Run Kit but all options are available here.

Watch my Quad Lock Running Armband Overview Video

So here it is : 


The Quad Lock iPhone Run Kit is the first sports armband that is showcasing their new packaging.

Given how much thought has been put into the packaging it is no wonder you expect something of quality to be inside.

So what do you get ?

Inside you’ll find The Quadlock Case, The Quad Lock sports armband and a really smart user guide. There is no junk, no excess stuff. And I think that’s very much the Annex way.

Great designs that is streamlined and gives you exactly what you need.


This is one of Quad locks unique selling point, it is half of it’s ingenious locking mechanism – The Quad Lock case has a recessed contact that allows for the entire Quad Lock range of mounts to be used with a single case.

So this case works with the sports armband, their bike mounts pro and all the other mounts available such as the Quad Lock Car mount.

The iPhone 6 case itself is super slim and because of this can be used as an everyday case. Its made of a TPU outer shell with a Polycarbonate core.

It covers all areas of the phone and has bee manufactured to a high standard as you can see from the pictures below all details are smooth and precise with all buttons and ports being early assessable.

They have even placed a felt lining in the case to stop any dirt to enter for the back and keep your phone nice and shiny. Even though it has a locking mechanism  embedded into the case it doesn’t feel bulky, in fact it is really pretty slim.

It feels really nice in the hand and easily fits into my pocket. Due to the case tough core, it withstands a drop as long as it not screen first.


The Quad Lock Sports armband mounts again come in the customary blue that is on all the Quad Lock mounts.

The first impression is that it is very light and the Sports armband itself is very comfy.

The important part to note is the mount itself allows you to quickly click your phone into place securely and off you go.

If someone calls or more so in my case you wish to take a quick picture while on the run it is easy to detach the phone by simply pushing down on the blue tab which releases the case when accompanied by the customary twist of the phone.

After a few practise twists, it is a smooth but secure transition.

The sports armband itself is made from a Nylon Lycra that is comfortable and has some give in it so there is no need to over tighten.

You can also adjust the armband via the velcro straps to best fit your arm size.

Quad-Lock Specs states between an arm circumference of 17 – 38 cm or 6.5 – 15 inches.


I have been actively training with the Quad Lock Sports armband for well over 6 months now and its great training partner for me. It allows me to quickly access my Strava app and music.

Also as a trail run photographer it allows me to take opportune photos that I would probably miss with your older slip-on sleeve models.

I regularly run up to and beyond 20 km at a time so the comfort factor for me is really important. And with the Quad Lock sport armband that has been first class.

Its strong velcro strap and low contact area to my arm allows for a secure, stress-free run and even though after serious sweat test the security of the strap and in turn the phone was never in question.

As a trail runner, I have taken the Quad Lock Run kit through some challenging terrain.

Because of this, I have found the best position when running through very tight areas to be at the back on my tricep. This allows for the phone not to catch on any branches etc.

For Track and City runs the more traditional side position allow for the most efficient access to your phone.


I must admit that after using the armband and case for a while now I really like it. The case has become my everyday case and I also use it on my road bike with the Bike mount pro and in my car with their Car mount.

It is a great solution for runners of all types even walkers and hikers will benefit from using this. It is secure and comfortable and it has super functionality.

It is quite unique in the marketplace and I highly recommend this product as it has allowed me to safely have my phone with me while on the trails, track or road and also very quickly access my camera to capture those opportune moments.

Retailing at $69.95 AUD from

or you can you can find it here:

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Douglas Fullcoursetrails


Douglas is an active Trail and Ultra runner and has competed in many off road distance event.

Events Include; The Surf Coast century, The Roller Coaster marathon, Buffalo Stampede Sky Marathon and The Australian North Face 100

Quad Lock iPhone5 / 6 Run Kit

$69.90 AUD



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