Patagonia Nano Air Light Hybrid Review

Well if you are looking at gear to take with you on an adventure in the mountains there are a few factors that you need to consider.

For me, beside the price, the two main ones are Weight and Function.

When I was sent a sample of Patagonia’s new Nano-Air Light Hybrid  I was excited to try it out.

There is no secret that I am a fan of Patagonia’s gear, it’s always made with a high standard and the company has an ethos that I relate too and admire.

That being said this not a paid review and if it is rubbish… I’ll tell you.

So without further ado, here is my review.

Some Facts 


  • It weighs in at an impressive 181g (6.4Oz) (that’s about four-fifths as heavy as a Hamster).
  •  40 grams of this is the shoulder and front isolation padding, (of the vest. not the hamster).


  • 100% Rip Stock stretchy Nylon with a waffle back and tailored seams and zips means that this Vest is a slimline fit which will stretch with you while active and give you a good old hug when you are standing enjoying the views.


  • Clever design allows for the two side pockets to not cause an issue of rubbing while running and its fast wicking properties allow any moister build up to be expelled in a timely manner.


  • This is not a 100% waterproof solution and being a vest there are no arms so it’s not for the extreme cold.


  • Made specifically for active athletes in cool climates, so perfect for us mountain runners.


$ 229.95 AUD

$149 USD


For a vest that was made for active people in colder climates, it ticks all the boxes.

It is lightweight, so you are not held back from your activity.

It is comfortable, so there is no excess material to be caught or create hotspots due to rubbing.

It keeps you warm but allows for moisture to be pulled away from you so negating the cooldown you often feel when stopping at altitude.

Yes, It is pricey but like the most premium gear, you get what you pay for.

It will last and you can always send to select Patagonia stores for repair if you wear it down over time.

Learn more about Worn Wear here:


For me, it is a great companion for my running/filming adventures in the mountains.

Of course, there is a huge variety of options available to you, This is but one.

But the Patagonia Nano Air Light Hybrid Vest is one I would highly recommend you consider to put on your shortlist!

As always it would be great to hear your thoughts.

But I hope in some small way this helps you enjoy the outdoors and run free.

All the best in your Running Adventures!

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Patagonia Nano Air Light Hybrid











  • Light Weight
  • Breathable
  • Slim fitting
  • Wicking knit for warm


  • Not 100% Waterproof
  • No sleeves