And so it continues…

Through the snow he can barely make out the faint lines of the old fence posts.

Each striking a unique pose as the ice gathers around them.

They are like great flags, all pointing in unison to the direction the wild winds have been flowing for many days.

And he is a lone figure stood within the wildness.

Communication is limited and unheard. Persistence and confidence are his best allies to continue on.

The wind increases two fold as he reaches the open valley.  The mountain shadows no longer protect him.

The snow is not deep but the wind howls as to remind him that nature is strong and unforgiving.

Care has been given and preparations made, and the summit..  just a few steps away.

He huddles behind the cairn to shelter from the storm .. and takes a moment to breath unaided.

Slumped down within the ice and snow, his clothes slowly freezing, if not for the heat within.

But for that moment, lying within natures arms there is a quietness and hopeful appreciation for being alive.

Something pure as the snow surrounding him and as clear as the ice encasing this ancient landscape.

From my adventures in the Scottish mountains – 10th March 2018 

Until next time Keep exploring!

Douglas is a mountain runner & founder of Full Course Trails

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