Life always places opportunities and challenges in your way

“Lets Take It Back” showcases this phenomenon and highlights the benefits of belief in yourself.

A Full Course Trails & Full Course Films Production
Filmed on location at Ben Vorlich in Perthshire, Scotland.

All Footage Filmed and Edited by Douglas Simpson
Voice Over Written and Performed by Douglas Simpson
Music licensed: Kevin Graham – Sierra – Summit via




Let’s take it back

Right back to the start

That’s where it all begins

An idea … that single moment when you decide that something is of worth.

Imagination is taken over by Contemplation, then once and only then can action stand up

This is when the hard work begins ….

an idea is easy to have .. building on this idea take time, effort, commitment and a fundamental belief in yourself.

Many of us fall before an idea has time to even breath its first real breath.

Extinguished by fear and doubt, it never had a chance.

But you do.

Your ideas have substance if you give them time to grow.

If you believe in the long run and take a step to get there.

You will.

It may take you along a winding track, sometimes to a quick drop

but if your careful and alert you can stop before the edge.

backup and find a different way to the top.

We all have a chance to climb our mountains …

We just need to take that first step …

None said its easy.

So Believe in yourself, believe in your ideas and maybe just maybe

You’ll make them grow.

Lets Take It Back

Douglas, August 2017

I hope in some small way this inspires you to enjoy the outdoors and run free.

All the best in your Running Adventures!

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