I travelled to the Isle of Jura in May 2019 to capture a few moments of this iconic fell race.

Steeped in history, this race is one of the toughest challenges in the UK Fell racing calendar and with the wild weather taking centre stage it meant this year the race would be a wild one to remember.

I was up Beinn an Oir (aka Pap 2)

It got quite wild up there and so some images are in black and white as the rain was causing mayhem and it was near impossible too keep my lens dry

(apologies for those ones but they give a sense of reality and so I have kept them in the collection.)

We all know Fell runners don’t buy pictures and that is fair enough.

But they have big hearts !

and If you appreciate my images and the effort to capture them then you may consider donating to my Gofundme page where I am looking to raise much needed funds for CHAS.

Who Are CHAS ?

All over Scotland there are parents caring for babies and children with rare and life-shortening conditions.

Some of them may have years with their child, some only months.

Children’s Hospices Across Scotland, CHAS, are there for the whole family providing them with the support they need through Robin and Rachel House hospices, our CHAS at Home team and Diana Children’s nurses.

I will be running 3 races in September, each less than a week apart for the last, in some wild places with the hope to race funds for CHAS.

For the price of a cup of coffee, together we can really make a difference to peoples lives who unlike us do not have the opportunity to run and explore beautiful places.

You can visit my gofundme page below:


Many thanks and well done to all that competed, volunteered and marshalled at this years event.






Best regards

Douglas @fullcoursetrails. 



Jura Fell Race 2019