This week we will be reviewing the Turbine, the newest Sports Breathing Technology by RHINOMED

When it comes to using new technology I always believe that you need to leave your preconceptions at the door and try and look at a new product with an open mind. The thought of placing a device in my nose is not something that I had ever tried before and to be honest I was a little apprehensive. I am very much a free runner and try and limit the amount of equipment I take out on the trail with me.

But I also love new technology so when I got the opportunity to test RHINOMEDS new Turbine Sport breathing technology I jumped at the chance.

Now this is not a new company, Rhinomed have been around for quite some time and have a great following in the cycling world. Their products have been endorsed by world champion triathletes all the way to yellow jersey winners so this is not a gimmick. They are proud of these products and they proclaim to allow you to take in 38% more air per breath.

So here it is :

Rhinomed Turbine Review


The Turbine comes in a well presented and streamlined box with an open window to showcase the products and a modern packaging design.

So What’s Inside ?

Once you removed the outer sleeve you have access to the (multi lingual) user guide and a glossy description of its unique selling points.

Rhinomed Turbine Review

Inside the Turbine Box

The Turbines themselves are contained within the box by a thin plastic cover. This cover is reusable for storage of your Turbine but you do need to be careful not to rip it when first removing.

NOTE: Rhinomed recommend ten uses per Turbine and always rinse under cold water after use.

Rhinomed Turbine Review

Each Turbine is individually contained within a resealable compartment

Now as all noses are different it is recommended, to begin with a starter pack.

This has three different sizes of turbine included which covers the size range from small, medium and large. Once you have found the correct size you can purchase future Turbines in sets of three.

As shown below.

Rhinomed Turbine Review

Once you find your perfect size you can get that one size in a boxed set of three Turbines

It is fairly straightforward to find your size as it roughly relates to your body height etc.

I am medium height (5’11 179cm) So I tried the medium one first and found this to be the best size for me.

Rhinomed Turbine Review

The Turbine starter pack includes three different sizes

If you find that you need a slight adjustment then don’t despair.

They have included the ability to extending the paddles by its pin and ratchet system.

So let’s have a closer look at the Turbine.

The Turbine itself is made from a soft, pliable polymer.

It is a smooth Yellow which I hear tips its hat to the yellow jersey from the Tour de France.

Its main points of contact to the skin are coated with a clear silicone material which allows it to softly make contact.

You can see from the pictures below that the turbine is easily adjusted by the pin and ratchet system to allow for any small variations in each nostril.

How To Use The Turbine Properly?

The Turbine “How to use” video below gives a really good overview on how to place the Turbine in your nose as I thought I would spare you the entertainment of seeing the inside of my nose.

Once applied correctly Rhinomed state that it will gently expand your airways to allow 38% more air during non-contact exercise.

Lets put it to the test.

Testing on the Trail

Out on the Trails Testing the Turbine

Out on the Trails Testing the Turbine

To test the Turbine I put it through a few different scenarios to get a real feel for it.

I was very interested to find out how comfortable it would be over a long period of time and also if I received any improvement in my running performance from wearing it.

I did five test runs with the Turbine as shown below:

As you can see I have run around 130 km with the Turbine. I have put a heavy load on my body in my training through distance and elevation and overall I am very impressed with the Turbine.

The Turbines Comfort on the Trail

It is comfy to wear over a long period of time, I ran well over 4 and a half hours on my first test run and as long as you have placed it correctly it will sit stable in your nose. There is no movement or extra rubbing on the outside and over these sort of distances when the inevitable clearing of the nose is required you can just use your normal Bushman’s hanky!

(Definition: The process of clearing one’s nose without the assistance of tissues. block one nostril at a time and blow strongly to expel the fluid)

It can be easily removed on the run if required but after you have been running with it for a while you in a way forget you have it in, it actually made me remember to breath more through my nose than usual.

But Is it performance enhancing? 

There was an initial stage of becoming accustomed to wearing the Turbine but after that, I began to feel an ease in my breathing.

Usually, I find while running under duress that I predominately breathe through my mouth, especially going up steep inclines, as my nose can feel slightly blocked and air does not pass through efficiently.

However with the Turbine I was able to alternate my breathing between both mouth and nose and this allowed for a greater intake of air and a more cyclic experience.

There is something relaxing and efficient about circular breathing But this only occurs when your airways are clear enough to take an easy breath.

I found that the Turbine opens the airways which  allows a low resistance  to breathing.

Is it 38% more efficient?

well Its hard to say  without putting me in some sort of laboratory and even then my physical output will never be the same twice.

What I can say with confidence is that I achieved quite a few personal bests while using the Turbine.

My run to work was the fastest I have ever done and while running my breathing felt easier, controlled and consistent.


I was very interested to try the Turbine as I have never used anything like this before. And I am glad I did. I enjoyed the experience and was pleasantly surprised to see my running improve.

Was there a slight placebo effect? Quite possibly at the start but over the many km I ran with the Turbine I was consistently impressed with its effectiveness in allowing me to breathe clearly and easily.

I feel the Turbine would perfect for people looking to better their air intake via their nose. If you have struggled in the past to take a good easy breath while exercising then you should give this product a go.

For me, I am going to continue to use the Turbine sports breathing technology in my training and also in my next big race which is the North Face 100.

I feel it helped me and I hope the Turbine can also benefit you in your chosen activities and adventures.


I did use the Turbine on the North Face 100 and it did allow me to breathe more easily under severe duress.

This gave me more confidence to keep pushing and I feel assisted in some way to completing the event in my goal time. 

For more information please visit their website:


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Douglas is the Trail Director at FullCourseTrails.

An active Trail andUltrarunnerr and has competed in many off road distance event.

Events include: The Surf Coast century, The Roller Coaster marathon, Buffalo Stampede Sky Marathon and The Australian North Face 100 and many an adventure along the way.