We all love to run but when the going gets tough where do you take yourself to get through the tough times?

There are three places to look on the trail

1. The ones that look internally

How do you run

They look down at their feet and get into a groove.

They cocoon themselves in the moment one foot in front of the other.

It doesn’t matter how far they have to go or how hard the climb is they just concentrate on that next step, that one meter, nothing will get in there.

They form that tunnel that they are passing thru.

These are best viewed at night – Spotlights up a hill lighting their feet and enclosing them in their running bubble and protecting them from the reality ahead of them.

2. The ones look forward past the runner in front

How do you run


They look straight at the trail ahead.

This type of runner focuses on the challenge ahead and embraces it, takes energy from it and psych themselves up to the challenge.

The thrill is to face the climb or long straight road and be in a 100m – 1000m stare.

Resilient and steadfast these adventurers want to feel they are part of something bigger than just themselves and get motivated by the challenge of overcoming the journey ahead, no matter how daunting it may seem.

This is best enjoyed on a long trail or marathon that has long open trails and long hill climbs.

They don’t want protection they want to be aware of the magnitude of what they are doing.


3. The ones that look up, up and away

How do you run

These are the dreamers the wide-eyed and smilers.

They run head held high admiring natures beauty. From the simplest taste of the free air to taking inspiration from the wildlife nestled in the trees or shooting across the trail.

Listening to the random sounds that constantly evolve while you run past.

These runners are here to lose themselves in the environment, to become part of the scenery and draw energy from it, knowing that they are part of one of the surest ways to connect to the moment, right now.

This is best enjoyed in magnificent scenery with dramatic landscapes and near overwhelming natural beauty.

However, they can pick hidden beauty even from the simplest of places, even from concrete trails or traffic jams the beauty of nature can inspire them from the nooks and cracks that have broken through to reveal the natural environment hidden below.

No matter how you run, where you place yourself on the trail has its own unique ability to inspire you to keep going.

So step out on the trails, look in or out, and enjoy the freedom that is the freedom to run.


Douglas Fullcoursetrails


Douglas is the Trail Director at FullCourseTrails.

An active Trail and Ultrarunner and has competed in many off-road distance event.

Events include: The Surf Coast century, The Roller Coaster marathon, Buffalo Stampede Sky Marathon and The Australian North Face 100