Well this is where it all started for me, some four years ago.

I signed up for Rapid Ascents trail running series.

note: Little did I know that this woudl be the rekindling of a passion that continues inspires me every single day. 

Great if your fresh or want a fresh challenge

It was designed as an introductory series of races, located close to Melbourne.

And is set out to allow anyone to try this off-road sport of trail running.

From the first event, I was hooked!

It takes you to some lovely places, challenges your road ready legs and truly gives you a great sense of the community that Trial running is known for.

And so this yearly series is back on again.

But this time with a few new faces.

Hoka One One has come on as the new named sponsor and I am sure will provide great support!

(Nice pun there!)

And an additional 5th race “the Night Race” has been added to the series.

 Below is the event listing dates and distances

Race 1: Sunday 5 June – Studley Park – 5km / 11km / 15km

Race 2: Sunday 10 July – Plenty Gorge – 6km / 12km / 17km

Race 3: Sunday 7 August – Silvan, Dandenong Ranges – 7km / 15km / 20km

Race 4: Sunday 4 September – Anglesea – 8km / 15km / 23km

NEW Night Race 5: Friday 23 September – Studley Park – 5km / 11km / 15km

So if you have ever been interested in trail running and was not sure where to start, then start here.

I did.

and I’m still running!

For more information go to their website: Rapid Ascent HokaOneOneTrailSeries