1. Get Outside 

Sure there are great things inside, warm things, social things and of course the lovers but what’s outside? Endless possibilities and a place to explore.


2. Don’t give a shit 

You are not the best and even if you are there will be someone else that will become better than you. But you can always be the best you can be.. always. So don’t give a shit if you loose or if you had a bad day and just didn’t want to go out. It’s ok.. life will still turn up tomorrow and give you another chance.

That being said


3. Time will run out 

We are not on an endless loop here. Life has a way of stopping for us all. So get on with the things that you really want to do. You wont be lying there on your last day saying .. Gee I wish I had done less. It certainly is not a race to the finish but there is a finish line for us all. Don’t leave it too late.


4. Learn from others 

Society has a way of ignoring the young and the old and squeezes the middle age groups to produce and protect the others. The children of today have so many talents and are our future. They deserve to be heard and the same goes for the ageing. With decades of knowledge and a network of information they need to be respected and absorbed. We can all learn new skills from all generations and with this exist respectfully, no matter your age.


5. Give back something 

Be kind and thoughtful. This planet is bursting with confidence but is shrouded by communities failing to support each other. This is a widening trend and one that slowly frays the fabric of society. But we all collectively can do a little more to help. If you love this world, it’s time to act.


Congratulations! You are now on your way to being awesome.

Until next time Keep exploring!


Douglas is a mountain runner & founder of Full Course Trails

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