Every time you sign up for a new race it is a fresh opportunity to test yourself in a new environment.

This month was the time for The Surf Coast Trail Marathon.

A Beach and Clifftop trail Marathon that gave me an opportunity to test my new gear, nutrition and see how these old Scottish legs and lungs were progressing.

For me, it’s a continuation of my development as I train towards the TDS in August.

As a tradition for many of us, the night before is a time to lay out our gear.

Check and double check, focus and get ready for the adventure ahead.

So the Day has Arrived!

The Training done, The Gear packaged and the final night’s rest is complete.

All to do now is get up, have my porridge and head down to the Torquay for the race.

Anticipation and excitement all combined into one.

“A Day On The Trails” is my unique perspective of running at this year’s Surf Coast Trail Marathon in Victoria, Australia.


Links and Reviews of the Gear I used for this race.

Quad Lock Sports Armband:

Patagonia Strider Shorts:

Super Comfy and loads of pockets to minimise the need to carry a hydration vest while on fast runs.

 Patagonia Truckers hat:

My Favourite running hat, lightweight packable, breathable and Hey it looks pretty sweet too!

Trail Shoes: Altra Olympus 2.0

The New Kids on my feet and trying them out as a solution to long runs.

Zero Drop and a wide toe box allows for a forefoot strike that keeps me comfortable on long runs and moving forward efficiently.

Socks: Injinji Trail Midweight Mini-Crew:

Injinji socks are wee socks for each toe!

Minimises friction between toes and have served me well for many years.

More Info: https://www.injinji.com/trail-midweight-mini-crew.html

Glide – Anti Chaffing:

I have trusted Glide for many years to minimise chaffing in all the right places.

From toes to shoulders Glide has let me run free without my gear getting me down.

Watch – Suunto Ambit3 Sport:

This is my coach on my wrist. Used for years and last for 12 hours on the trail.

It has the ability to load maps, give me real-time feedback on pace, time and distance, is waterproof and can be configured to be so much more.

I don’t get bogged down with too much stats and always listen to my body but my Suunto makes me feel like an adventure is just about to begin every time I put it on.

More Info: https://footpro.com.au/brand/suunto/

Top – Adidas Response Tee:

A new top and one I only use on the colder days. Has a really nice feel, wicks the moisture well and is black so pretty sure it makes me run faster!

Nutrition – Clif Bar and Bloks:

Testing out new nutrition with the Clif series. Have used the Bars for years as a base nutrition.

Just a wee nibble every ten minutes keeps my energy store topped up.

The Bloks work well but I am more suitable for a soluble solution such as Trial Brew or Tailwind.

Everyone is different but I find solids take longer to be processed in my body and so I can struggle to get enough energy when I need it.

S-Lab Adv Hydration Vest:

I have been using Slab Hydration vest for years. They are super comfortable. Have loads of storage and the soft flasks work well.

There are loads of options out there and I’m keen to try a few other brands but for now, this is my go-to Vest.

As always it would be great to hear your thoughts.

And..  I hope in some small way this inspires you to enjoy the outdoors and run free.

All the best in your Running Adventures!

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